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Service out of Tradition. Your Taxi in Bad Honnef.

Anruf-Sammel-Taxi A.S.T.

Line operation service by the RSVG (Line 586)

Passenger Accommodation

Taxis, Limousines and Vans

Travel Planning and Information

Let us plan your stay in Bad Honnef

AST Taxi Call: +49 (2241) 499 499

Time Table

Current AST Time Table

The current AST Time Table for download
(printable .PDF Document):



current AST Fares (german)
aktuelle AST-Tarife Gemeinde Nachbarort
Erwachsene 4,40 € 5,80 €
Kinder (6 Jahre bis einschl. 14 Jahre) 3,30 € 4,20 €
1 Kind bis einschließlich 5 Jahre in Begleitung eines zahlenden Fahrgastes frei frei
Zuschlag für ZeitTicketinhaberInnen die im Besitz einer Kundenkarte mit gültiger Wertmarke für die jeweilige Stadt/Gemeinde sind und für im Rahmen der unentgelt- lichen Mitnahmeregelung von VRS JobTickets sowie ZeitTickets im Abo mitreisende Fahrgäste 3,30 € 4,40 €
PolizeivollzugsbeamtInnen des Landes NRW sowie Vollzugsbeamte der Bundespolizei in Uniform 3,30 € 4,40 €
Freifahrtberechtigte Personen gem. Ziffer 8 der VRS- Tarifbestimmungen (Beförderung Schwerbehinderter) 3,30 € 4,40 €
Gepäckzuschlag, sofern ein Sitzplatz im Fahrgastraum beansprucht wird 3,30 € 3,30 €

AST - that's how it works

Information about AST (german)


Nennen Sie uns bei der Anmeldung bitte Ihren Namen, Ihr Fahrtziel, die Anzahl Ihrer Begleiter, die gewünschte Abfahrtzeit und die Abfahrtstelle. Wenn Sie großes Gepäck, das einen Sitzplatz belegt, mitnehmen wollen, teilen Sie uns dies bitte ebenfalls mit.

Gehen Sie bitte rechtzeitig zur Abfahrtstelle. Gelegentlich kann sich die Abfahrtzeit um wenige Minuten verzögern (wenn für eine Fahrt mehrere Anmeldungen eingegangen sind).

Die Fahrt:

Vor Antritt der Fahrt verkauft Ihnen der Taxifahrer Ihre AST-Fahrkarte. AST-Fahrkarten sind nicht übertragbar und berechtigen nur zu einer Fahrt. Fahrtunterbrechungen sind nicht möglich. Tiere werden im AST-Verkehr nicht befördert. Ausgenommen sind Führhunde in Begleitung der anspruchsberechtigten Personen (Sehbehinderte, Blinde).

Wenn Sie als erster Fahrgast einsteigen, achten Sie bitte darauf, dass der Taxameter erst bei der Abfahrt eingeschaltet wird. Steigen Sie als letzter aus, dann quittieren Sie bitte dem AST-Fahrer die Anzahl der beförderten Personen und den Endstand des Taxameters bzw. Wegstreckenzählers. Leisten Sie in keinem Fall eine Blankounterschrift!

weiterführende Informationen:

In der Silvesternacht endet der AST-Betrieb um 23 Uhr. Bei Großveranstaltungen kann es zu Verzögerungen kommen. 
Bitte bestellen Sie Ihre Fahrt rechtzeitig vor.

Wenn Sie noch Fragen, Anregungen oder Kritik zum AST-Verkehr
haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an:

  • die AST-Zentrale: (02224) 96 97 97
  • die RSVG: (02241) 499-0
  • die Stadt Bad Honnef: (02224) 1840
Taxi und Personenbeförderung in Bad Honnef

Our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us at 0049 2224 2222.

Our Passenger Accommodation Services include:

  • Transport by Taxi, Limousine or Mini Van
  • Airport transfer
  • ambulant medical transports
  • Chauffeur service with neutral Limousines
  • Delivery- and Courier services
  • School bus service
  • Shuttle service for special events
  • 'Pilot service' (transport you in/and your own car home)
Reiseplanung in Bad Honnef

Apart from our passenger accommodation services we also offer to plan and organize your visit to Bad Honnef.

Let us plan your stay and organize your activities.

Are you looking for a hotel room?
Or a restaurant?
Do you want someone familar with the localities to organize your visit?

We organize accomodation, restaurant visits and plan outdoor activities like hiking tours or excursions to local places of interest. For example visits to castle Burg Linz, the Bridge of Remagen, etc.

Interested? Call us at 

0049 2224 2222

or use our Contact Form.

Click here to find out more about Bad Honnef.

Our Company

We're here for you. 24/7, since 1963

Our Tradition is Service

Our Tradition is Service

Taxi Services in Bad Honnef's since 1963

The company was founded in 1963 by Wilhelm "Män" Trommeschläger, the father of today's owner Mrs. Monika Sieg.

It's the oldest family run taxi company in Bad Honnef today.

It all began with just a few regular customers and developed to the modern service orientated corporation it is today.

We have a solid base of contempt and loyal customers both in Bad Honnef as well as in the neighboring cities and we're the choice of many local hotels and restaurants.

We're looking forward to answer your call.

Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles

Taxis, Limousines und Vans

Unser vehicle fleet consists of high standard limousines und vans.

You will find the classic E-Class Mercedes Taxi and even neutral Limousines for special business occasions. All our Vehicles are Top-brand limousines and Vans. We don't compromise when it comes to comfort or safety.  
All modern, air-conditioned and non-smoking vehicles. For local transport as well as for long distance trips. 
We also offer Chauffeur Services in neutral Mercedes Limousines
Whatever occasion: We have the right vehicle for you!


Any questions about our vehicles or our services? Write us un E-mail! (click here) or call us at: 0049 2224 2222
Looking for a new challenge?

Looking for a new challenge?

Taxi- and limousine drivers wanted

We are always looking for reinforcements for our team.

We are looking for friendly, reliable drivers who are familiar with Bad Honnef and it's surroundings.
02224 2222
Mon-Fri (12:00-17:00)

We are a service orientated business and our customers are our capital. Friendliness and Helpfulness are the basics of our genre.
We also require responsible handling of our cars as well as the ability to be able to work as a team.

Min. Age: 21 years
Driving Experience: min. 2 years
Driving License: Class B
Taxi/Passenger Transportation License needed for: Rhein-Sieg Kreis
Language skills: Fluent in German.
Basic English skills are a plus.

If you need help obtaining your passenger transportation license, let us know. 
In some cases we might even pay the license fees. 

You woudl like to work after 18:00? Or just for a couple of hours? Or just on specific days of the week? No problem: 
Basically we have Day- and Nightshifts. But individual working hours are also possible.

If you are interested call us: 02224 2222 or use our Contact Form.

For further information please refer to the resource: Informationen zum Personenbeförderungsschein finden Sie hier.

Information about Bad Honnef

Facts & information about Bad Honnef and the local area

About Bad Honnef

Geography and History

Bad Honnef is a spa town in Germany near Bonn in the Rhein-Sieg district, North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located on the border of the neighbouring state Rhineland-Palatinate. To the north it lies on the slopes of the Drachenfels (“Dragons's Rock”) mountain, part of the Siebengebirge.

Bad Honnef is home to a mineral spring called the Drachenquelle ("Dragon Spring") which was discovered in 1897. This discovery led to Honnef, as the town was called at the time, transforming from a wine-growing town to a spa town, adding the prefix Bad to its name. The mineral spring has been used for both drinking and bathing.

The villages of Aegidienberg, Selhof and Rhöndorf are considered to be part of Bad Honnef. During his term as first chancellor of Germany, Konrad Adenauer lived (and died) in Bad Honnef, as it was near Bonn, then the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. Also, German politician and leader of the Free Democratic Party Guido Westerwelle was born in Bad Honnef.

Since the 1980s Bad Honnef has developed into an important place for conferences in Germany. Because of the close proximity to the still internationally important Federal City of Bonn, many federal institutions are located in Bad Honnef.

source: wikipedia

Places of Interest

Places of Interest around Bad Honnef


Parish Church St. Johann Baptist
Market Square

Kirche St. Martin
District Selhof

Chapel „Maria Heimsuchung"
District Rommersdorf

Historical Buildings

Ruins of Castle Drachenfels

Ruins of Castle Löwenburg (german)

Castle Drachenburg

Parks and Nature

Rheininsel Grafenwerth (german)

Spa Gardens near the former Spa Hotel

Park Reitersdorf

Natural Park Siebengebirge

Information about Tourism around the "Siebengebirge"
Tourist-Information page of Bad Honnef
Information about the Natural Park Siebengebirge
Information about hiking alon the "Rheinsteig"
Information about the "Rheinschiene"


Local events around Bad Honnef